An attractive smile plays a major role in the overall perception of physical charisma and tooth color is a significant factor contributing to it. Discoloration, especially in front teeth can result in considerable cosmetic impairment and loss of self confidence. The public demand for an attractive smile has made smile designing a popular and often requested dental procedure. The aim of smile designing is to remove any cosmetic deformity of either a single tooth or all of the front tooth to make the smile more perfect and without any imperfections. It consists of various procedures like teeth bleaching (whitening), laminates, veneers or even tooth jewelry.

Tooth bleaching

Tooth Bleaching is Whitening of a tooth through the application of chemical agents to reduce the organic pigmentation in the tooth. Tooth color can be lightened to a great extent without causing any harm. Based on the shade of the patient’s teeth, either in office or at home bleaching method can be prescribed.


Laminates are thin porcelain restorations that cover the front surface of teeth and provide a new shiny smile to a patient. Commonly sought after by celebrities, dental laminates provide the hollywood smile to make your smile more esthetic. They can be performed on either a single or multiple teeth.

Tooth jewelry

Tooth jewelry consists of crystals which are bonded on tooth. They do not harm the surface of the tooth and can be removed easily