Braces and root canal specialist

It is believed that dental pain is the second most intolerable pain second only to labor pain. Most of the patients reach the dental clinic only when the dental caries has reached the nerve supply of the teeth leading to pain. The only treatment option left at that point of time is RCT. Endodontist, a root canal specialist, is the perfect doctor to treat your ailing tooth and make you pain free. In RCT, the tooth is cleaned and irrigated from inside, filled and then sealed to make it pain free forever. At our clinic, we use latest technologies like rotaries, digital x rays and apex locators to minimize the chances of pain. Single sitting RCT is done in many patients to avoid multiple visits but sometimes 2 or 3 visits might be required in teeth with excess infection. Usually after root canal treatment a crown is placed onto the tooth to make it stronger. RCT is commonly misunderstood to be painful which in fact is completely painless. Best dentist for root canal treatment, Braces and root canal specialist.

Benefits of rct

Saving the natural tooth – there is nothing like the feeling of having a natural teeth in your mouth as compared to even the most expensive dental implant or prosthesis.

Less expensive – rescuing the natural tooth is much cheaper as compared to a dental implant or crown and bridges.

Sugarcane – yes, you can eat anything from your natural teeth which are sometimes avoided with an artificial teeth.