Various other dental procedures like tooth extractions, surgical removal of teeth, gums treatment, full mouth reconstructions and dentures are provided to our patients by our tem of expert dentists. All the dental procedures are given to relive the patient of his pain and create a new oral environment where they can enjoy the warmth of the food which every natural tooth is made for. Essence dental is the best place in west delhi where all dental procedures are done without any hassle for patient and all the laboratory procedures are done by best dental labs in India.

Minor surgical procedures

The teeth which cannot be salvaged have to be extracted to avoid any future infection. Some teeth can be removed without any minor surgery whereas some angulated bone covered teeth like 3rd molars need some minor bone cutting. All procedures are done under local anaesthesia in a pain free environment.


Partial or full dentures are given to replace some or all missing teeth. they can be removable or fixed and plays a vital role in restoring the oral functions like speech and eating as well as facial esthetics.

Gums treatment

Gums treatment like gingival shaping, flap surgery, bone grafting for loose teeth are done to improve esthetics as well as to keep the gums & teeth healthy.

Cleaning & polishing

Tooth scaling is one of the most common procedures to keep teeth healthy. Scaling is advised every 6 months. If proper oral hygiene is maintained with home brushing and tooth scaling most of the dental problems can be avoided like cavities or gum diseases.