Crowns and bridges are one of the conventional methods to treat missing teeth. Teeth adjacent to the missing teeth are used as support to place the bridge. Sometimes root canal treatment of these adjacent teeth is required before placing the crown to avoid sensitivity. When placed in the molar area, these bridges allow the patient to eat normally and enjoy the diet he once missed due to absent teeth. Once cemented they usually last for very long time without the need for frequent adjustments. A crown or bridge is of many types and at essence dental, the patient is provided with all the options and is given the best prostheses according to his need.

  • Porcelain fused metal (PFM) – these crowns or commonly called as “CAPS”, look exactly like a natural teeth. They are color matched according to the natural color of the patient’s teeth. On the inner side of the porcelain a metal lining is present which provides better fitting and provides strength.
  • Zirconia crowns- they are metal free, more natural looking and lustrous. Patients looking for more long lasting and natural crowns opt for these as they are free of any porcelain chipping which can occur in PFM crowns.
  • implant supported bridges