Invisible braces and teeth aligners

Even the great Hippocrates would have wished he could have got orthodontic braces in his childhood. Braces have become an important part in raising the self esteem and confidence of a child. Children with crooked teeth are known to have low self confidence and are shyer than others. After orthodontic treatment children become more confident are no longer shy to show their bright new smile. A child should be brought to an orthodontist at 8-9 years of age as that is the perfect time to diagnose any developing malocclusion. Sometimes, the orthodontist will advice removal of certain teeth to make space for the irregular teeth and to achieve the best results. It is advised to get the orthodontic treatment started at an early age as the benefits of early treatment are profound as compared to late treatment. Invisible braces and teeth aligners.

Metal braces – They are strong and sturdy traditional braces with shiny look. They are the most common braces used today.

Ceramic braces – They are tooth colored braces which are less visible. They are suitable for children as well as adults who want their braces to be less visible.

Self ligating braces – They are a lot comfortable than other braces and are free of any elastics thus avoiding discoloration. The treatment duration is much less as compared to traditional braces and they cause less pain.

Invisalign – they are completely invisible as they are free of any wires and braces. They can be used in mild to moderate dental malocclusions with great results.

Lingual braces – they are placed on the inner surface of teeth and are thus not visible from outside.